EA24 offers guarding services in the following locations and sectors:

  • Industrial sites
  • Office parks
  • Motor industry
  • Financial institutions
  • Fuel depots
  • Commercial premises
  • High-risk buildings
  • Residential estates
  • Sporting venues
  • Daily,weekly,monthy guards

Our guards are trained for their specific task duty at hand, according to their experience and level of expertise. Our guards also use a activetrack device to clock points also panic device and used as mobile cellphone which all is be monitored in real time. All our sites get visited atleast 2 times per 12hour shift by supervisors ops manager or management that would also provide backing for these guards. Our guards are also being polygraph tested on average 4 times per annum.


  • Our guards are also in constant radio contact with or 24/7 control room if any incidents occur our highly trained response team will be despatched.
  • All our guards are equipped with flashlights,hancuffs,baton,identity tags and on clients request a secondary panic system on radio link-up.
  • Our operation managers will also be in touch with our clients with atleast one structured meating/visit per month.
  • Site file will be created that stay at client premises with all the needed procedure and emergency numbers.


EA24 has various uniforms for different sectors including office parks, retail, hotels/hospitality sector and residential properties. We can accommodate our clients with their preference of uniform or even design it around our client’s requirements.

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